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“We are the sparks of light that coalesce to form a bridge between earth and spirit.”

I am Chere Nelson

Earth Priestess

I deliver my passion, mission and joy to you through my connection to Source (God, Prime Creator, Great Spirit, Divine Creator, Mother Father God)

I came to seek, teach and share the BEAUTY, WONDER, JOY AND LOVE of life. I dedicate this website to the beloved souls I call family.

We are one species-we are star stuff harvesting star light.

What I deliver

I deliver always as a full-time Manifesting Generator, but to you as a client:

Light Language Transmissions

For balance in body, mind, and spirit

Frequency shift Healing

Frequency Shift Healing Energy

Calligraphic Art

Creating an Awareness of Beauty through Words

My Sessions

In person or by distance Workshops, Events and Sessions

Labyrinthine Healing

Access to Labyrinthine Healing

Light Language Transmissions

Light Language is a multi-dimensional, non- linear, extremely powerful channeled language of healing, directed by you the client with your intention for the work through me. Whether it is signed, spoken, sung, written or danced for the highest good does not matter.

When you state your clear intention, my connection to Source and to you the client, for the message will flow through me to you for the highest good, to be understood by the heart and not the mind. This language creates a resonant effect with your own vibration, much more than mere sound does, and it is a multilayered informational frequency of the harmony of Love and the language of your soul.

Frequency Shift

Healing Energy

More than 35 years of study of different healing modalities have resulted in my delivery to you of the Highest Vibrational Healing Energy. You are fully clothed, lying or sitting in person or by distance. Light Language might possibly flow as I place my hands in various positions, but mainly under your head or at your feet.

A Merkaba as a healing modality might also visually present itself to me.. Below is a Merkaba, an ancient symbol in all indigenous languages which is composed of 3 words, Mer, meaning light, Ka, meaning soul, and Ba, meaning body, which constitutes the inseparable connection between the 3.

It consists of two tetrahedrons spinning in opposite directions, thus creating the three dimensional energy field surrounding each person. We are all composed of Masculine and Feminine energies, the feminine spinning counterclockwise and the masculine clockwise representing the combination of opposite energies, including earth and spirit.

Home is where the heart (truth) is!

More than 20 years ago the metaphysical community prophesied that the LIGHT would come out of the North to assist the ascension of the collective to move into a higher vibration or dimension. This intense energy has been here for the past several years and I am so grateful to be able to share these energies with you at this important global crossroad and bridge to multi-dimensional realities. Truly in service in offering you creative empowerment to help you find your own balance and perhaps earthly purpose, I can assist you in the attainment of these higher spiritual dimensions through my work. My connection activates the highest potential as a kick-start to your own spiritual journey or a balance of your own Divine masculine and feminine energies no matter where you find yourself on the spectrum. You are after all, a spiritual being bravely choosing a human experience, and not the other way around, and we are after all here to unite and empower starseeds/lightworkers.


“In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.”

Wise words of Albert Szent-Gyorgi, Nobel Laureate in Medicine

“Known and unknown to me, your photography blesses my soul and I give thanks to be able to share such beauty.”

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I would be honored to work with you

You can contact me to set up an in-person appointment at Ravenwood or I can easily work by distance which is where I do most of my international work. I can meet you on Zoom, it can be recorded OR I can send a voice recording of your Light Language Session by email. Actually this is most effective as you can listen again to the transmission to receive its unfolding organic healing.

This website is for information purposes only and is not intended to replace professional medical, psychiatric or other licensed care.