Keeping your vibration high!

Oct 3, 2023 | Wise words

Several tips I have tried that work

  • Drink H2O to detox – zeolite/chlorella (cellular) Acv baths/drinkable.
  • Meditate ask for what need to know, wait till your head feels empty.
  • Gratefulness – rock, bedtime – mealtime
  • Walk, meditate, pyramid barefoot,
  • Mother Earth and her natural electrical current.
  • Food you eat, low/high vib, ask in meditation.
  • Appreciate beauty, inner and outer share
  • Exercise by the end of this ___ I will have chosen to let go of.
  • Boundaries, rose technique.
  • Mindful of your thoughts and what happens next.
  • Hug a tree, spend time there. MEDITATE WITH YOUR BACK UP

Meditation Bench. Put into it what you want to let go of, beliefs, patterns, words, people, situations and stuff it down. Carry it with you into the labyrinth. walk it mindful after a stated choice go in clockwise, Be present in the now. Go to center, stop, be grateful, come out, counterwise, At the end, dump out your backpack. You might be surprised that it is empty. Fill your heart with your desires, do another walk.